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Volcanic Pumice Perches

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Volcanic Pumice Perches

Are you a bird owner looking for the perfect accessory to keep your feathered friend happy and healthy? Look no further than the Beeztees Volcanic Pumice Bird Perch! This colourful and practical perch is designed to meet all of your bird's grooming needs. Its volcanic pumice material provides not only a comfortable grip but also a perfect surface for sharpening your bird's beak and claws.
The perch is easy to install with a metal plate and wingnut, making it a safe and durable addition to your birdcage.
With a large size of 33 cm, it is suitable for most birdcages. So why wait? Brighten up your birdcage and keep your feathered friend happy and healthy with the Beeztees Volcanic Pumice Bird Perch – the perfect accessory for any bird owner!