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Sprouting is a reliable way to provide inexpensive, living nutrition to your flock. It can however be challenging if done incorrectly.

This sprouter uses the revolutionary Livingseeds sprouting system, a specially designed lid that allows for easy rinsing and promotes air movement around sprouts which allows for healthy growth, and a new 750ml glass jar, the cleanest substance to use when making sprouts.

It really makes sprouting as easy as counting to 3!

Excerpt from Livingseeds Heirloom Seeds:

Nothing beats the superiority of real food! Sprouted seed provides you with the convenience and quality of a nutrient dense super-food in a small package. In their initial growth phase, sprouted seed has exceptionally high amounts of active nutrients that are easily assimilated by your body. Some quick examples are:

  • Highly available source of vitamins: Sprouted seed has dramatically increased vitamin content, one can often see a 30 fold increase in naturally bio-available vitamins.
  • Increased bio-availability of minerals: Not all minerals are equal, the minerals available in sprouted seed are in a uniquely active form, which enables your body to absorb and them immediately.
  • Highly available enzymes: For your body to function efficiently, enzymes are essential. The concentrated source of enzymes found in fresh sprouts assists your body in performing at its optimum level.
  • Increased essential fatty acid levels: Fatty acids are essential for the vital functions of your body.  Sprouts have increased levels of these naturally occurring fatty acids that your body uses for its day to day processes.
  • Increased fibre and mucilage content: The modern diet is often severely lacking in both fibre and mucilage. Sprouts deliver a very high level of these important, cleansing and health boosting types of fibre, all in a simple, nutritious and tasty package.
  • High in vegetable proteins: Sprouts are packed with high quality proteins that are easily utilised by the body.