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Parrot Sprouting Mix

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Parrot Sprouting Mix ~ 500g

Sprouting should be an important part in any parrots diet. It is full of vitamins that birds need on a daily basis. Sprouts are of the highest nutrition, they promote self healing and excellent feather quality as well as improves parrot behaviour. 

Sprouts are a rich source of vitamin A (beta carotene), C, E, B and antioxidants. For examples oats (found in this sprouting mix) contain large amounts of vitamin C, increasing by 600% after sprouting. Sprouts are 10 to 100% higher in enzymes than fruit and veggies. 
Enzymes are vital for sustaining life and are essential for digestion and proper brain function. Sprouting mixes are great to use when trying to introduce vegetables to parrots that are used to eating seeds. 

The seeds at the end of the sprouts will intrigue seed eaters and this will make them more likely to attempt eating the sprouts. This sprouting mix has a great variety of seeds, grains and legumes, making it an excellent source of protein, fibre and vitamins.Sprouts convert complex nutritional components into their more digestible forms.

Sprouting reduces the fat content of seeds. 
Sprouts can be added daily to parrot diets, mixed in with a variety of other vegetables.