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Leather Collars

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Leather Collars

Please note colours may vary.

Please consult your AVIAN VET before getting a collar to ensure it is the best OPTION for your parrot's plucking!  
Collars are NOT a QUICK FIX for plucking; you will need time to train and make your parrot accustomed to wearing a collar. 

The more severe your bird’s plucking, the thicker and stiffer the collar needs to be. Most birds need time to adjust to a bird collar.

Bird collars are part of a range of wellness products that support feather pluckers. They work while you work on improving your pet's diet, improve parrot husbandry, and start using behaviour modification.

The Parrot Shop in collaboration with Luckybird will donate R20 from the sale of each collar to The Parrot Sanctuary ZA.