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Instant Grams

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Instant Grams 100g

The ultimate boost whilst hand rearing baby birds.

Instant Grams premium quality food is excellent for
~ any hand rearing formula to promote faster growth of newly hatched and growing birds.
~ emergency food or food additive for sick, injured, debilitated, traumatised or underweight birds.
~ is more than just calories. Is a combination of necessary vitamins, minerals, electrolytes,
proteins, carbohydrates, fats and digestive enzymes. Also included are amino acids, proline and glycine which are essential for growing birds.
~  you don't feed more but more of what you feed is used. You will notice that babies become quieter and sleep longer between feeds as caloric needs are efficiently met. This enables your baby bird to grow faster.
~ This includes echinacea which is a natural antibiotic and will assist the immune system in fighting infection. This is used as an immune stimulant and may speed up the recovery of some cases of poxvirus and in debilitated birds.

Directions for use: Details are on the labels.