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Herbal Seed Mix

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Herbal Seed Mix

A seed mix designed to treat parrots to a healthier and more varied seed-grain diet. This mix is not a balanced diet and should be supplemented with fresh vegetables, sprouts and fruits as well as a vitamin, mineral and calcium supplement. Outdated research suggests that sunflower seeds are a healthy diet choice for parrots, however it is now well known that sunflower seeds are not a balanced diet.

This seed mix contains oil seeds that provide healthy fat with a low cholesterol index which helps reduce the risk of heart conditions. This seed mix contains spirulina which is a great source of protein (comparable to egg), a limiting factor normally found in sunflower seed diets. Buckwheat and spirulina contain all 9 essential amino acids needed by parrots which can only be found in the diet. This mix contains flaxseed, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds that provide a good balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are only found in the diet,and are essential for brain health, skin and feather health and reducing cholesterol amongst many other benefits. Herbs have been added to the mix to promote digestive health and to boost the immune system, each having their own health benefits. The herbs contain anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well a natural source of antioxidants. Chamomile has a calming affect which may help alleviate anxiety or feather plucking in parrots. This mix also contains dehydrated chillis, carrots and sweet potato treats which are a great source of vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency is a big problem in parrots fed a seed based diet. Vitamin A is important in maintaining healthy mucous membranes, good vision, a healthy immune system, and cell growth.