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Toys by Cockatoo Jewel

Foraging DIY Supplies

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Foraging DIY Supplies
Included in the box:
1 x Cardboard Box
3 x Snacks
1 x 90g Shredded Paper
2 x Honeycomb paper Sheets
4 x Tissue Paper Sheets
5 x Brown Bags
2 x Small Cups
2 x Carboard Cupholders 
2 x Egg Cartons 
2 x Medium Cups 
10 x Paper Straws
4 x Cup Lids 
2 x T~Yarn (5m)
5 x Small plastic hooks
50 x Wooden Beads (12,14 &16mm)
7 x Bluegum Slices
5 x Sekelbos Slices
15 x Corks 
12 x Pine Circles