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Nature's Nest

Feather spray

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Spearmint Oil is a soothing and relaxing spray with great calming properties which can also relieve some itchy skin. This is not a medicinal replacement.

Lavender conditions both the feathers and the skin while also delivering a calming effect. Only the finest essential oils are used to create the best experience for you and your bird.

Eucalyptus Oil is easily absorbed by the skin and has a myriad of uses and benefits, while it soothes allergies and is great for the skin and the healing thereof. It also aids as an antiseptic and can help with inflammation. The use of this spray can be beneficial, but kindly note that it is not a medicinal replacement.

Aloe Vera is well known for its healing and soothing properties of the skin and also cleans the feathers without decreasing the natural oil on the feathers. We only add the best Aloe Vera extracts for maximum benefit.