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Herbs for Birds

Diatomaceous Earth Powder

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Diatomaceous earth

Insect control for Seeds, Nest boxes & Cages, and the added benefit of parasite control
‘Herbs for Birds Dust Down’ is a high quality, Certified Organic, Food Grade, diatomaceous earth (DE). It is a totally natural product & absolutely NON-poisonous.

Small amounts of DE can be mixed with your bulk seed to control weevils & moths and their eggs. It does not lose its efficacy and can be used over and over even when fresh seed is placed in the seed container. It causes the desiccation (drying out) of the insect or its eggs. The added benefit of using DE is its ability to eliminate internal parasites – so when your bird takes in a little of this powder that remains on the seed, the DE will be of assistance in reducing parasites in the digestive tract.

Diatomaceous earth is not a food, nor is it a mineral supplement. It is effective for eliminating all types of minute insects that appear in your cages - mites, lice, fleas, ants, flies and their larvae, or any other sucking or crawling insects found on your bird’s skin
& feathers. It can be used in your nest boxes and in nest box material and can be put in a dust bowl for the birds.
Being completely non-toxic, ‘Dust Down’ DE powder should be the product of choice for insect control in aviaries, and the use of highly poisonous, toxic products like Carbadust, Vapona & moth balls, etc, should be discontinued.