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Daily Essential Pellets

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Daily Essential Pellets ~ 1kg 

Jacobiez Daily Essentials is a complete & balanced diet and can be fed fresh daily as the only source of food. Jacobiez complete parrot food may also be used to supplement an all-vegetable and fruit diet.

Daily Essential pellets provide a premium blend of ancient grains, plant and animal protein, vegetables and fruit for everyday use. Feeding Jacobiez assures that your birds eat a complete and balanced diet free from corn, wheat, soya, peanuts, sugar and artificial colourants and flavours. Jacobiez pellets are enriched with vitamins and minerals to provide all the nutrition needed for a healthy bird. Formulated with honeybee propolis to support the body's natural defences. 

Care should be taken not to overfeed Jacobiez daily essential pellets if feeding as a supplement so as not to exceed daily nutrient requirements. Always provide free access to clean, fresh drinking water. Feed Based on recommended daily amount indicated.