Top 5 Health Supplements for Happy, Healthy Parrots

Top 5 Health Supplements for Happy, Healthy Parrots

Hello, bird enthusiasts! Are you looking to give your fids a wellness boost that'll have them chirping with joy? Well, you've landed in the perfect nest! Today, we're diving into the top 5 health supplements that every parrot owner should consider. These picks aren't just any random choices; they're backed by science to ensure your parrot's feathers stay fluffy and their tweets remain upbeat!

1. MedPet Calcibird

Imagine a supplement that’s like the superhero of the bird world. That's Calcibird for you! It's packed with Calcium Borogluconate, the form of calcium that birds absorb best. This is crucial for everything from strong eggshells (for those in the breeding season) to sturdy bones. It also includes Vitamin D3 and Magnesium which are essential for muscle and nerve function. A study in the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery highlights how calcium supplementation is essential for preventing metabolic bone disease in birds who don't get enough exposure to natural sunlight. So, add some Calcibird into your parrot's diet can literally help them stand taller and chirp louder!


Feather, oh feather, where art thou? Right here with PREMOLT 5! This blend is a saviour for parrots facing feather troubles. Packed with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids, it’s designed to boost feather growth and improve their quality. If your bird is a solo flyer in a cage, this supplement ensures they aren't just surviving, they’re thriving! Feather plucking can be a real party pooper, but with PREMOLT 5, it’s possible to keep those feathers where they belong - on your parrot!

3. Crop Fresh from Nature's Nest

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away," but for our parrot pals, a few drops of Crop Fresh a week does the trick! This clever concoction works by acidifying the crop (a part of the bird’s digestive system), preventing the nasty bacteria from throwing a bacteria party. Just a mix of 3ml Crop Fresh with 100ml of drinking water once a week can keep your bird's digestive health on the upbeat track, much like the findings in Avian Pathology suggest, where maintaining a healthy crop environment significantly reduces digestive disorders.

4. Avi-Pro Probiotic from AVI

Let's talk belly health with Avi-Pro Probiotic! This supplement is packed with live, friendly bacteria that keep your parrot's gut in tip-top shape. Especially during those stressy moments (like moving cages or new family members), Avi-Pro can help maintain the balance in their belly. Think of it as a daily dose of good vibes for their guts, ensuring their digestive system remains a no-fly zone for unwanted bacteria.

5. Liver cleanse & clear drops from Herbs for Birds

Last on our list but certainly not least is the superhero for your bird’s liver. This herbal blend is like a spa day for your parrot’s liver, helping detoxify, rejuvenate, and strengthen this vital organ. The benefits? Better digestion and a more efficient blood-filtering system, which means a happier and more energetic bird. Especially useful for birds that tap their toes more than they flap their wings!

There you have it, our top 5 supplements to keep your parrots not just surviving, but thriving with vibrancy and health. Remember, a little supplement goes a long way in keeping your feathery friends chirping happily. So why not give these a try and watch your beloved birbs soar to new heights of health and happiness? 🦜💚

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