The Parrot Shop Story

The Parrot Shop Story

The Parrot Shop

The Parrot Shop was started in April 2022, by the owner of Toys By Cockatoo Jewel. We are a small team of parrot parents manufacturing handmade parrot toys since 2018. The natural growth of the business has brought us to the next step with The Parrot Shop.

What we do:
Aside from making our handmade parrot toys, we work with other local small business owners that manufacture safe parrot toys, parrot food, and parrot care products. We want to save you time by giving you a single location to get the products you and your parrots love.

Why we do it:
Like any parrot parent, we always strive to be better in our parrots' love and care. We were always struggling to find quality products and eventually started making our own parrot toys. Jewel, Chloe, and Marcell are our biggest supporters, and because of them and with the support of the avian community, we want to offer better solutions for you and your parrots.

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