Squawk, it's your favourite cheeky Cockatoo, Jewel, here to chat about something parrots might not want to admit, but it's time to bring it out into the open: Podomandibulation! I know, it's a big word, but stick around, and we'll have a beak-tastic time diving into this topic with some scientific flair and a sprinkle of humour!

So, what in the world is podomandibulation, you ask? Well, it's all about our feet and beaks, the two most crucial tools in our parrot arsenal. Podomandibulation is when we use our feet like hands, kind of like a winged version of a monkey! Yep, we've got skills beyond just squawking and looking pretty.

Now, let's get into the "beaky" gritty of this phenomenon, backed by some scientific facts:

  1. Adaptive Evolution: Our feathered ancestors needed to adapt to different environments. Using our feet to grasp things was pretty handy for survival. So, over millions of years, we developed the ability to manipulate objects with our nimble toes.

  2. Cognitive Abilities: It's not just about having cool feet; it's about what's going on in our heads! Studies have shown that parrots like us have impressive cognitive abilities, and our podomandibulation skills are a testament to that. We can solve puzzles, open locks, and even pick up objects with our feet, all while looking fabulous.

  3. Tools of the Trade: In the wild, we use podomandibulation to forage for food, build nests, and even play with our pals. So, when we bring those skills into our cosy human homes, it's like we're saying, "I'm ready for action, human! Pass me that toy!"

Now, here's where the fun comes in. We are known for our quirky personalities, and podomandibulation is no exception. You might catch us using our feet to hold a treat while we nibble on it, or maybe we'll be "foot-loose" and fancy-free, juggling a toy like a circus performer.

And let's not forget the classic foot-waving greeting we do. It's our way of saying, "Hey there, you marvellous friend! I'm ready to party!" Just imagine us giving you a little wave with our talented tootsies.

Some of us even have a favourite foot for doing certain tasks. It's like being left-wing or right-wing in the political arena, but in our case, it's all about the foot power.

So, in conclusion, podomandibulation is not just a fancy word; it's a testament to our parrot awesomeness. We're not just pretty faces; we've got brains, beaks, and feet to match!

So next time you catch your parrot showing off their podomandibulation skills, give 'em a round of applause. We may be a bit cheeky, but hey, we've got the whole "feet in hand" thing down pat.

Keep squawking, flapping, and wowing the world! 🦜

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So how do I teach older parrots to play with foot toys and use these awesome skills of theirs? Both mine just seem to love destroying hanging toys or shreadables. I have recently introduced some puzzle toys. The CAG seems to het the hang of it faster, my TAG seems too lazy too try but has come around to learning to open the easy puzzles when she feels like it. Both are not much food motivated.

Rencia Van Wyk

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