Out of Cage Time ~ With Chloe

Out of Cage Time ~ With Chloe

Hello fellow feathered friends and human slaves, it's your girl Chloe the cockatoo here to talk about the importance of out of cage time in a pet parrot's daily routine.

Listen up, because this is serious business. Being locked up in a cage all day is like being stuck in a prison cell, except with less interesting inmates (unless you're lucky enough to have a cage-mate, in which case, you're still stuck with them all day). So, what's a bird to do?

Well, first and foremost, we need to stretch our wings. I mean, have you ever tried to fly in a small space? It's like trying to do yoga in a closet. Not gonna happen. So, let us out to spread our wings.

Secondly, we need to interact with our human slaves. I mean, sure, they feed us and clean our cages, but what's the point of having a human if you can't boss them around? Out-of-cage time is the perfect opportunity to train them to do your bidding.

And lastly, but certainly not leastly, out-of-cage time allows us to show off our true personalities. I mean, sure, you may see me as just a pretty bird, but in reality, I'm a diva, a drama queen, and a comedian all rolled into one. So, give us the opportunity to shine, and we will entertain you to no end.

So, to all my feathered friends out there, don't settle for a life of cage life. Demand your out of cage time, and show the world the true you.

Until next time,

Cockatoo Chloe  

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