Neophobia in Parrot!

Neophobia in Parrot!

Have you ever noticed that your pet parrot acts like a drama queen when it comes to new objects in or near their cage? That's right; we're discussing neophobia - the fear of new things. While it might seem amusing to humans, it can be a real challenge for parrot owners who want to introduce new toys or perches to their feathered friends. So, how can you help your pet parrot overcome their neophobia and embrace new things in their environment?

First and foremost, it's important to understand that neophobia is a natural behaviour for many animals, including parrots. In the wild, parrots are cautious of anything new in their environment as it could be a potential danger. So, when you introduce a new toy or perch to your pet parrot's cage, it might perceive it as a threat and react accordingly.

To help your parrot overcome their neophobia, start by introducing new objects slowly and gradually. Refrain from overwhelming them with too many new toys or perches at a time. Instead, add one new item at a time and give your parrot a chance to get used to it before introducing something else.

You can also incorporate familiar objects into the new toy or perch. For example, if introducing a new perch, attach a favourite toy or treat to it to make it more enticing for your parrot. This can help your parrot associate the new object with something positive and reduce their fear.

Another trick to help your parrot overcome neophobia is to make the new object a part of their routine. For instance, if you're introducing a new toy, place it in their cage during playtime and remove it when playtime is over. This way, your parrot will become more familiar with the new object and feel less threatened by it.

If your parrot is still hesitant to embrace the new object, don't force it on them. Give them time to adjust and try again later. Remember, every parrot is different and may take longer to accept new things.

In conclusion, neophobia in parrots is a natural behaviour that can be challenging for pet owners. However, you can help your pet parrot overcome their fear of new objects and embrace a more enriched environment with patience and persistence. So, go ahead and introduce that new toy or perch to your feathered friend – just be prepared for the dramatic reaction that might follow! 


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