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About Nature's Nest 

~ Christof de Beer

Our story began in the heart of the Western Cape Winelands. Our vision – to provide a healthy and balanced diet for all birds. Backed by over 40 years of bird breeding and avian veterinary experience coupled with groundbreaking scientific research, Dr. Deon de Beer and his family brought Nature’s Nest to life. With a small beginning and a big dream we wanted to make a difference in the lives of as many birds as possible. We supply nationwide putting the same personal touch and devotion into our manufacturing as we did when we first started.

Our Promise:

The health of your feathered companion is important to us. Good nutrition keeps them healthy from the inside and can greatly reduce the risk of medical problems. With that in mind we aim to deliver the highest standard possible, applying diligent quality control in every aspect and sourcing the best ingredients. Staff training with strict hygiene control is exercised at all times. We use quality equipment throughout the entire manufacturing process with some of our machines custom built specially for our needs to ensure an end product that birds find completely irresistible.

We produce small batches at a time to ensure that all the wholesome freshness reaches you.

Routine tests are done on a regular basis and we offer 100% product traceability for your peace of mind. At our production plant we produce small batches at a time to ensure that all the wholesome freshness reaches you as bird owner without compromise. Our promise to you – to deliver a trusted product of excellence, for the good health and enjoyment of your bird.

Important information

• The only sweetener used in our food is an all natural apple concentrate.
• All our pellets have added detox granules, which aid in the removal of any paint or metal particles that might be present in the digestive tract of your bird, because, as we all know, they like to chew and nibble on all things.
• We produce small batches at a time to ensure quality freshness.
• Our range of food products freeze well which makes bulk buying possible.
• All our products are exposed to high temperature processing to ensure a healthier product.
• The freshness of our products and the lack of chemical preservatives may attract weevils. Please ensure that all Nature’s Nest food is stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place. 

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