Made of Amour by Cockatoo Jewel

Made of Amour by Cockatoo Jewel

Oh, parrots of the world, how we envy your colorful plumes,
Your chatty ways, and your clever tunes.
But though you may seem quite carefree,
We know that life for you is no guarantee.

If only you were made of armour, strong and tough,
You'd be able to ward off poachers and all their rough.
You wouldn't be kept and bred for profit and gain,
And you'd never have to suffer through the pain.

You could protect yourselves from human greed and neglect,
And roam free in the wild, with no fear of disrespect.
But alas, you are not made of steel,
And so we must work to protect and to heal.

For though you may not be able to fight with a sword,
Your beauty and your spirit are something to be adored.
So we'll fight for your rights and your freedom, too,
And hope that one day, you'll be able to fly true.

Until then, dear parrots, we'll be your voice,
And fight for you with all our strength and our choice.
For though you may not be made of armour, strong and bold,
You are precious and valuable, worth more than gold.

~Poem Written by Cockatoo Jewel

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