Herbs for Birds

Herbs for Birds

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 ~ Margie Frayne

Herbs can be given to caged birds in various ways – fresh leaves, dried leaves, berries, or chopped roots. They can be mixed into soft food, sprinkled on fruit, just placed loose in dishes – which some birds enjoy to pick at. They can be given in the drinking water and even sprayed onto the skin and feathers. 

Briefly here are some of the remarkable values inherent in herbal plants:

  • Herbs are a totally natural plant-derived food supplement.
  • Herbs contain representatives from all the major food groups – some contain high quality proteins, while all contain carbohydrates, the major mineral salts, and the vital micro-nutrients, namely, trace minerals and vitamins.
  • Herbs contain a range of additional active principles with exceptional healing properties that are both protective and regenerative.
  • Herbs are adaptogenic – they work where they are required by the body.
  • Herbs can promote various forms of wellness – restore physical health, balance and sooth the nerves & emotions, balance hormones, cure disease.
  • Herbs work in a balanced and holistic manner in the body.
  • Herbs are not cumulative. Micro-organisms that drive ill health are not able to develop a resistance to the actions of herbs.
  • Herbs have gentle, yet effective actions on the body, and are most suitable for birds.
  • Herbs are economical! Very small amounts are effective for birds.
  • Herbs are regularly consumed by wild birds for their health-giving properties.
  • Herbs have interesting and widely differing tastes and fragrances – which are mostly nice - and are enjoyed by all living creatures.

 Some of the noticeable improvements after giving Herbs to birds are:

  • visibly healthier birds
  • visibly happier birds
  • better colour of feathers       
  • improved breeding – in some instances remarkable changes with breeding
  • more energetic birds 
  • reduced stress
  • reduced liver problems
  • successes with hand rearing
  • successes with feather plucking

A knowledgeable herbalist will advise which herbs should or should not be given to caged birds.

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