Get to know: Luckybird

Get to know: Luckybird

Get to know Luckybird

Five years ago, Dr. Bernice from CEAH asked me (Debbie) to make a few things for the practice. At the time I had Lucky, a peach-faced lovebird and Gerryberry Blue a masked Lovebird.

I had started sewing for Lucky a few years before and it was because of him that Luckybird was born. You will see him chewing on a thread in our logo, that was his favourite pastime.

Gerryberry Blue or GBB as I used to call him used to love playing xylophone with his cage and nibbling on things. He was the sweetest little bird I have ever had and a true gentleman.

Then we met Tiki and our lives changed forever. She became the ruler of our kingdom! She is the bravest, most aggressive, loving little chicken.

Lucky lived to a good old age before passing over the rainbow bridge, followed by our little GBB. Jamie was the sweetest cockatiel with the most beautiful voice, and Rambo or as I called him Rambino or Rambi, the TAG, was only with us for a short while.

Rambi was a real character and it took a long time before he trusted me but every bite was worth it. And one-day Pookison, or Pooki as he is called at home, became a part of our family. Pooki is a cockatiel.

Tiki is a real biter, she bites everything including herself and Pooki. Although Pooki is not far behind. Tiki is also a hormonal plucker, and that is when I made a collar for her. The collars imported to South Africa are extremely expensive because of the exchange rate and a lot of people can’t afford them.

Tiki has also had metal poisoning and that is when I decided to make her own toys out of natural materials. Everything we (myself – the worker, Tiki – CEO, Pooki – minister of everything) make is cleaned and disinfected with F10SC. I dye all the items myself from the raffia and paper to the balsa wood.
all the toys I make I give to my own chickens so I know they are safe enough for your babies.

I used stainless steel wingnuts, washers and bolts for the coconut foraging cups. All the fabric is washed before it is cut and made into something.
The vision of Luckybird is to provide quality, safe and affordable products.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the special people who support Luckybird, thank you for making our dream a reality.

~ Debbie, Tiki & Pooki


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