Foraging Toys for All Budgets

Foraging Toys for All Budgets

Foraging Toys for All Budgets: Keep Your Fids Busy and Happy!

Yoster Homesters, Cockatoo Jewel here, and I'm squawking with excitement to share some fantastic foraging toy options for every budget. Whether you're a penny-pincher or ready to splurge a little, we've got you covered. So, let's dive into the world of budget-friendly and wallet-flexing foraging toys that will keep your parrots entertained and mentally stimulated.

Affordable Foraging Options (All Under R50):

  1. Foraging Crackers from Lozaan's Parrot Toys (Starting from R20 each): These crackers are loaded with snacks and footies, making snack time an adventure for your parrot.

  2. Foraging Blocks from Toys by Cockatoo Jewel (Starting from R23 each): Perfect for beginners, these blocks are a great way to introduce your parrot to the joys of foraging.

  3. Snack Sticks from Toys by Cockatoo Jewel (R40 for 14): A fun and budget-friendly foraging option that will keep your parrot nibbling and entertained.

  4. Foraging Boxes from Toys by Cockatoo Jewel (Starting from R42 for a set of 2): Packed with shredded paper, snacks, corks, and chewable blocks, these boxes are a treasure trove of fun.

  5. Snack Cups and Snack Stacks from Toys by Cockatoo Jewel (R47 each): Shreddable toys with hidden snacks will keep your parrot engaged and satisfied.

Budget Classic (R50-80):

  1. Mini Cube from Toys by Cockatoo Jewel (R55 each): These cubes offer plenty of foraging fun without breaking the bank.

  2. Balsa Sandwich from Luckybird (R59 each): Crunchy balsa blocks and raffia make this toy a delightful chewing experience.

  3. Foraging Coconut Toy from Luckybird (R71 each): Durable and fun, this coconut toy will keep your parrot busy and happy.

  4. B9 Pinata from Jacobiez (R71 each): Watch your birds go wild as they shred this toy to find hidden treats inside.

  5. B6 Cupcake Foraging Frenzy from Jacobiez (R79 each): Colorful and exciting, these cupcakes are a sweet treat for your feathered friend.

Budget Testers (R80-R120):

  1. B10 The Bon Bon from Jacobiez (R82 each): A favourite in many birdhouses, this toy is loads of fun to destroy.

  2. Foraging Tower from Toys by Cockatoo Jewel (R84 each): A pine tower filled with shredded paper and snacks will keep your parrot engaged for hours.

  3. Snack Packs from Toys by Cockatoo Jewel (R95 for 10): Perfect for daily treats, each pack includes shredded paper, a footie, and a snack.

  4. All-Natural Cracker from Lozaan's Parrot Toys (R105 each): This eco-friendly toy made from pine can be refilled for endless shredding fun.

  5. The Spinner from Jacobiez (R116 each): Challenge your parrot's intellect with this puzzle toy that rewards them with yummy snacks.

Budget Breakers but Durable Options:

  1. F4 Bamboo Foraging Log from Jacobiez (R147 each): A flock favourite that will provide hours of foraging delight.

  2. Foraging Perches from Parrots and Pets (Starting from R131 each): These perches come with a fun block containing shreddable items, perfect for refilling and reusing.

  3. Birthday Baskets from Lozaan's Parrot Toys (R180 each): A complete package with a cage toy, footies, and a cracker (with snacks) that can be refilled and reused as you please.

  4. Foraging Wheel from Chlo Chlo's Parrot Toys (R220 each): An interactive toy that will keep your parrot engaged and active.

  5. Baffle Cages from Toys by Cockatoo Jewel (Starting from R525 each): These stainless steel cages made in South Africa are the ultimate durable foraging option, customizable with a variety of parrot-safe items.

So there you have it, a range of foraging toys that cater to every budget. Remember, keeping your fid mentally stimulated is essential for their well-being. So, visit and treat your parrot to some foraging fun today! Your parrot will thank you with chirps of joy and beaks full of happiness. Happy foraging, everyone! 🦜

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