Chloe's Story

Chloe's Story

I am about 45-50 years old, and for a couple of years, I lived with a man and his young children before I went to a sanctuary. I was dropped off for boarding in a filthy, tiny cage kept together with cable ties, with no perches to sit on. My food and water bowl were black from all the dirt. I only had black sunflower seeds to eat. Sometimes I was so hungry that I would put the husk of the sunflower in water so that it could soften and then eat it. I only had a couple of feathers left on my head. Yes, I was in bad shape but spirit was not broken.
After nine years at the center a new human started visiting to give the sanctuary a helping hand. For her, it was love at first sight, and after a couple of months of visiting me, with some home visits in-between, my family adopted me in January 2020.

Questions Chloe's family get asked a lot:
1. Why are her feathers standing up like that?
A: The feathers you see standing up in the air are her wing feathers. Chloe's wing broke years ago, and never treated. So her wing healed the wrong way around.

2. Why doesn't she have feathers?
A: Chloe plucked due to abuse and neglect. Her feathers will never grow back.
3. Why is so stressed?
A: Chloe isn't stressed. Her unfortunate past has resulted in her unique visible features.

4. Why is she always sitting on a ladder in her photos?
A: Well, most of you know that Chloe is still learning to like her momster. So, momster trained her to climb the ladder to easily move her from point A to point B without momster losing a finger.
Some Facts:
  • Chloe had a complete workup at the Vet to ensure she is in good health.
  • Chloe sees an amazing Avian Vet every three to six months for a health check.
  • Chloe eats a healthy balanced diet of pellets, fruits, and vegetables with a small number of healthy seeds in her chop.
  • Chloe's favourite person is her DAD and Momster often shares sneaky videos of them together.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments, and we'll try and answer the best we can.
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ag was n nice Blog,,,,,,hoe kan mense dit doen aan n diertjie,al my diere is Rescues
het n cocotoo en Indian mynah en kanaries buiten dit het ek 2 PITBULLS wat ek ook gered het my diere kom eerste ek kry net nie reg dat my cocotoo moet eet wat hy veronderstel is om te eet nie het al hoeveel kere probeer.
maar mag dit met jou en jou geveerde kind goed gaan ek volg julle op facebook.


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